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.Hi my lovelies followers¡¡ how are you? C: well.. theres some of my art i made, i have many of people and others from my mind, if you like them or if want some draw i could make and send it, with colour or B&W, ask me whatever you want as a draw and i will make it for my dears followers cuz i want you to make you happy and could have a “contact” so if someone want whatever drawing, collage ask me by DM and will glad to draw you guys whatever you ask me, if you want more of my art just give me many LIKES and SHARE it and i’ll know you like them.. have a nice day, afternoon or night.. whenever you see this.. XOXO<3

Hello there C: I have a Flickr where i upload my personal pics ‘bout many diferents things i like..and could show how i feel through my pics, hope you enjoy it, SHARE and LIKE it to show me you like my page.. have a nice day, afternoon or night, whenever you see this.<3 C: 

.OML.. trying to save fishes.. HOW ADORABLE PLS JUST IN TEARS!!  ;-;